Hi! I’m Kendall. Since 2004, every month I start a playlist to add music to that I’ve recently discovered or become enamored with. At the end of the month, I edit it down (by process of removal—no reordering) until it’s 80 minutes or less. I was inspired by an interview I read with Cameron Crowe when he was doing press for Almost Famous. He talked about how he used to make himself a mix tape every month and that he loved being able to pull out a tape and see what he was listening to in the summer of ’74 (or something like that). I also add a photo that I took in the same time period. It’s fun!

Sometimes I’ve shared them with other people but they’re really for me. I decided to make this web site because over the years, as technology changes I’ve had to make adjustments to how I approach the project. At first I would burn CDs and print out album artwork. As everything started trending in more of a digital direction, I switched to sharing mp3s. Now, everyone wants to stream everything so I’m making Apple Music and Spotify playlists. This web site will help me archive all the mixes for the future.