2018 Favorite Albums

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These are my top 10 favorite albums of 2018, presented in chronological order of release date. You can also check out my 2018 Favorite Songs.


First Aid Kit
Released January 19, 2018


Caroline Rose
Released February 23, 2018

sweet unknown

Sweet Unknown
Erika Wennerstrom
Released March 23, 2018


Beach House
May 11, 2018

love is dead

Love is Dead
Released May 25, 2018

lamp lit prose

Lamp Lit Prose
Dirty Projectors
Released July 13, 2018

living on top

Living on Top
Brian Olive
Released July 16, 2018

o.y. in hi-fi

O.Y. in Hi-Fi
Optiganally Yours
Released July 20, 2018

10 songs that happened when you left me with my stupid heart

10 Songs That Happened When You Left Me With My Stupid Heart
Darwin Deez
Released August 31, 2018

art of doubt

Art of Doubt
Released September 21, 2018

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